Bernese Mountain Dogs  Is this breed right for you???

History of the breed:  A very old breed originating in the mountains of Switzerland, named after the Canton of Berne.  These were true Swiss farm dogs guarding the farm, possibly pulling carts and driving small herds of cattle with their owner. The breed was revived in 1907 by geologist, canine researcher and judge, Albert Heim.  First brought to the US in 1926, the breed was recognized by the AKC in 1937.

Physical Characteristics: Handsome, striking tri collar dog, sturdy, jet black in color with rich russet and white markings.  Brown eyes, thick coat, deep chest, strong loins show he is suited for hard work.  Sheds year round, worse in hot summer months.  Males 100 to 150 pounds, females 70 to 90 pounds.  Average lifespan now 7 years but can live to over 10 years old.

Temperment:  Intelligent, strong, self confident, alert, good natured, can be aloof with strangers.  Normally good with children and other dogs and animals.

Uses:  Draft work (carting), agility, obedience, therapy work, herding or driving, tracking,
and companion dogs.

Drawbacks:  Shedding (if you don't like hair in your food, this may not be the breed for you), short lifespan, cancers, hip and elbow problems, eye problems.

Other: Needs to be with people, cannot be abandoned or separated from their human companions, needs to live indoors especially in hot climates, sheds year round, needs grooming, training and lots of attention.  Will love you devotedly, good with children and can be aloof with strangers and protective around the home.  Once trained, these dogs can do any number of tasks and enjoy them all.  Can be laid back and enjoy resting with the family around the house.  Needs companionship, this cannot be under stressed. You will get forever attached to them.  They will own you before you know it.

Annual cost of upkeep:  approx. $600.00 but can be higher.

Adoption Cost:  $375.00, with $50.00 refunded upon completion of an obedience class with the first 6 months of ownership.