Walter and Beau with brothers Mookie and Lewis
Lucy adopted me in December 2008 when she was two and a half years old and we were each having a very rough go with life. Lucy suffered an abusive past before she came into BMD Rescue. She was quite thin and was left with a paralyzing fear of men.

Lucy's wonderful foster parents worked with her to begin her recovery. Since one of my passions is home renovation and building, my thoughts immediately went to my local Home Depot. The staff have always been exceedingly helpful to me, and when they learned of Lucy's story they didn't hesitate to pitch in. Over a long eight months of steady and concerted work, they helped transform Lucy from a frightened, shaking bundle of nerves to a happy and confident dog. She responded so well that now Lucy and I are a pet therapy team for Hospice of the Valley. We visit patients in a skilled nursing facility and in two of HOV's hospice homes. Lucy's big brown Berner eyes draw everyone in, and her gentle Berner "lean-to" elicits smiles even when people are at their bluest. Lucy is a joy to the patients, their families, and the facilities' staff.

Now two things make Lucy flip out with pleasure: seeing her blue Hospice therapy dog vest come down off the hook, and pulling into the Home Depot parking lot. She's the sweetest girl and while Lucy is officially the rescued one here, I feel like we really rescued each other.
Ranger is my handsome go-to guy and always ready and willing for any activity that comes up . . . he loves to supervise yard work, play tag with the Corgis and race around the yard with his purple jolly ball. He recently passed his Delta Therapy Dog evaluation and will soon be wearing a blue Hospice of the Valley vest on weekend visits. At home, he feels the best use of his big black nose is an alarm clock to make sure I don't oversleep or run out of time to give him his morning dog bone! (grin) He really has a very endearing personality and watching his thought process is entertaining in itself. Cuteness, smartness and loyalty, what more could anyone want in a dog ? -Diane
Sasha in doing great, a complete joy, and thriving in her new environment. Spends her time between the cabin (serious snow play time) and the new house. Couldn't be happier!
Kona is thriving here with all her dog siblings. She is spoiled with love and has become the favorite of many family members and friends. I look in her eyes and just know she is so happy to be here with us. Thank you so much for allowing us to give her a forever home.
- Donna
We've had Rocky for almost 2 months and feel like he's been here forever. He's gone on vacation with us and recently went to the snow, which he LOVED! He stared out the window of the car like the ground was covered with cheeseburgers.
- Heather
Available for
Dear Bill & Lesley,

It was great to see the two of you at the national's last month. So glad you got to see our boy "Jake".  He is the best dog ever and continues to be my sunshine each and every day.  I love to see him jump around the house.  Lately he has been spending time with us in the back yard.  We poured a slab outside by the fire place and he just rolls around on the grass all the time. Jake walks around with a smile on his face everywhere he goes.
The Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue is in need
of foster families to care for homeless Berners until a permament
home can be found.  Please contact Lesley Baran if you can help.
Murphy with Tim shopping for dog stuff.

Baran's Jolly Boy, CGC, RN, NDD, DD, JHD-s, CD, Tri-athlete 2012, WD 2012

JB (Jolly Boy) was rescued from a family with a small female boxer who was causing him to have submissive urination problems. The family worked on the issue for some time but were unable to correct the problem. I picked up 8 month old JB in Jan 2008 as a foster dog. After a week with our other rescue Gypsy and two cats he adapted to his new environment and family. The urination stopped after a week of concentrated work making sure he had outside access.
Today at five years old JB has turned into an active and achieving boy. This year 2012 he went to the National BMD Show in Gettysburg, PA and had an outstanding week.  After driving 5 days he started by taking a sheep herding workshop at Berryville, VA.  The next day he completed two legs and received his Junior Herding title (JHD-s).  Then on to Gettysburg, PA and on Tuesday received his Draft Dog (DD) title.  In Feb of this year he had completed his Novice Draft Dog title in TX.  On Wed he competed in the Novice B Rally and qualified making him a Tri athlete dog by qualifying in three working events.  On Friday he received his third leg for a Companion Dog Obedience title.  This also entitled him to the BMDCA Working Dog Title and he will be honored with next year at the 2013 National in CO.  What a week and performance.  He is now working on advanced drafting titles as well as starting to practice as a brace dog (two dogs with a cart).
We are very happy to have JB as part of the family. All it takes sometimes is to provide the proper love and environment.  He now shares the house with Dita a Havanese and foster dogs as needed.
-Bill Baran

Tobey has found his home in Southern Califiornia with Jack & Barb and a sister.  He loves riding
in his mom's VW convertible and going to get yogurt.
Here he is with his family and Bill & BJ.

Ellie is so sweet; follows me everywhere and gives me lots of kisses. And
she loves traveling in the car and is very calm in the home.

I adore her!
Hi, I'm Max.  For all my life, I was left outside in a dirt backyard
with a bully dog as my only playmate.  I want to thank my new
parents for rescuing me and giving me a home, indoors, with
a safe place to live.  I love my new home! I love to follow my
dad everywhere he goes.  He takes me to work, to the
hardware store and I "work" outside with him.
I'm little Greta.  I'm an active, happy go lucky little girl, and
can be a real pest to my older brothers and sisters.  I
someday want to do Therapy work like my sister Allie.
I love drafting and can pull a cart alone and with my sister.
We try to raise money for the Rescue.  I'm growing up and my
parents are very patient as I still get into lots of mischief.
I'm still the baby of the house.
Jack and Barb taking Sapphire to her new home in California.
Here is Lilah. She lives with her new mom Pat and
her brother Chex, a Golden Retriever.  What a perfect
combo, Goldens and Berners.  Lilah just turned 9 years
Greta 14 weeks

Greta 14 months
(on left)

Heidi with her new parents, Dennis and Chris.  Heidi spent
1 year in foster care waiting for the perfect home.
  And now she has it.
  Congratulations to all, she so deserves her special
mom and dad.
(now hold still for more pictures)
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If you have a dog in need of immediate assistance,
either rescue or rehome, please contact the Rescue at or 480-415-5008.
Here is one of our latest Rescues.  His name is Max
and has found a wonderful home with Cindi and

Hey, I'm pretty cute........
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Ranger is a popular part of the Phoenix Childrens Hospital Animal Assisted Therapy Program (A.A.T.).  Patients, families, and staff all love to see this happy guy arrive and he is a big hit with everyone.  He will walk alongside a child hooked to an I.V. who needs to exercise.  He shares his special furry self by carefully snuggling up with a patient in bed.  Ranger is a happiness magnet who brightens everyone's day!
BTW, Sherman is dictating this to me - we have a special mind connection
thing going on :-) My name is Sherman and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm
as big as a tank.  I'm almost 5 years old and I've been one lucky Berner.
First, I was rescued when I was 9 months old by my first mom, Jill. She was
a great mom and gave me a good life until she went to the Rainbow Bridge
for people this summer. But she loved me so much that she insisted I go
back to ABMDR so they could find me another good home. And boy, did I
hit the jackpot!  I packed up my leash and headed to sunny San Diego,
where my new family was waiting for me. My mom and dad, Lisa and Brian,
have a 12 year old Golden Retriever named Max and they all welcomed
me with open arms. And I have a human cousin, too!  His name is Tanner
and he's 14 and cool - he loves to pet me and teach me new tricks!  We go
to the Del Mar dog beach where I run and play and then kick it in the sand
and watch the girls go by <wink, wink>  Who knows - one day, I might hang
ten like the other surf dogs, but first I have to get used to the water.  I think
my next door neighbor, Lucci, has a thing for me. She runs and barks and
tries to get me to chase her! I get to go on hikes and they already know me
at the local Petco and Home Depot.  We love baseball here and next
season I'm going to a Padres baseball game and show my support for
the Friars!  I love my new life here and I just want to thank ABMDR for doing
such an amazing job, for loving Berners so much to take them in and to help
pups like me find their forever home.
                          Thank you from the bottom of my "tank sized" heart!
Our Lola is the perfect addition to our home.  We enjoy taking walks
at night, being stopped by fellow walkers to ask about Lola and
wanting to pet her.  She is playing every morning with our other
dog Stella.  If you see them together, they look like they have been
sisters forever.  Our family is complete now.
Sweet Barney & Bella, too.

I love my bed........
Bear brings such life and
happiness to my home.
So grateful to have such
a happy and loving dog
in my home.
Alpine enjoying his new home in Northern AZ.
He is watching over his dad's memorial tree.
Diane says the most huggable dog ever.